We Setup 'Customer Relationship Management' Software 

Harness the power of your business data and build automation into your processes

CRM can Increase Efficiencies, Save Time, Save Money and Increase Recurring Sales

Do you need help choosing the right CRM software 
for your business?

We specialise in ZOHO CRM installations and configuration, but can offer services for others like Microsoft and Salesforce.

At Jellyweb we make the process as easy as possible for you.

Integrating your website with CRM can be a powerful combination to capture and managing leads. It can also be used for many non sales processes providing solutions to streamline and reduce the workload of your employees.


We can setup ZOHO CRM for your business so that it is up and running in no time.


We can configure ZOHO CRM to suit your business requirements by importing data.


We can customise ZOHO CRM to do more, with custom modules, workflows, templates and email notifications.

User Management

We can set up roles for users so that you can control what your users see and what they can change.


We can integrate ZOHO CRM so that it syncs with your , website and other programs.


We can create automation that can reduce your workload. Increasing the time you have to focus on higher return tasks.

How it works
In 3 Steps



Give us a call or email us and we’ll arrange an in-depth consultation to determine the best solution for you.


This is where we configure your CRM to meet your specific business requirements.

Refine & Publish

When you’re satisfied the project has fulfilled its brief, it’s time to perform quality testing and staff training!

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